What’s So Creative About Mornings?

Team BFT

Inspiration can come in many forms: a new song, brilliant sunsets, even a clever headline. For more than a few of our team members, attending a meeting of like-minded professionals is the perfect way to start their day and get their creative juices flowing.

Why We Like CreativeMornings

With events in 196 cities across the world held monthly, CreativeMornings attracts a diverse group of attendees from a variety of disciplines.

“I’ve attended several of these events and what I like best about CreativeMornings is the inclusive, welcoming atmosphere,” explains our Design Director, Adam Rice. “Each host in our local community of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has graciously opened their place of business and made everyone feel invited. Of course, the variety of topics and speakers never disappoints in providing new insights and perspectives. James Victore was particularly memorable. He urged everyone in the audience to ‘own their creativity,’ to never give up on their ideas and goals and to start their own creative revolutions.”

For Blue Flame Thinking Account Manager Amanda Jakubowski, the events expose her to different ideas and perspectives, which she brings back to the office and adopts to the benefit of her clients.

“CreativeMorning’s manifesto says it all: Everyone is creative. Even the emails announcing the events are incredible! The content is so eloquent and they have a section called ‘Fun Stuff to Click On.’ They get you feeling inspired even before you attend a meeting. Who can say that about most emails?” As for the events, she adds, “The speakers always get you thinking. Hearing their stories and what keeps them inspired makes me reflect on my own goals and how important it is to learn and keep growing.”

We Like Coffee, Too

Meanwhile, Blue Flame Thinking Developer Jason Wagner finds the meetings offered through Coffee With Creators are a chance to network and hear about the projects people at other firms are working on.

“You never know who is going to show up: designers, developers, entrepreneurs, students, pretty much anyone interested in technology, design, business. People passionate about what they do and what they are learning about. Often you get to peek into a discipline you knew nothing about. I leave most weeks with something new to check out. It’s easy to get inspired by the unknowns.”

And, that’s just the thing. Finding inspiration isn’t necessarily about what you do or where you look for it, but about whom you meet along your way.

For more about upcoming events in our hometowns visit, CreativeMornings Grand Rapids, CreativeMornings Chicago or Coffee With Creators. And, if you decide to attend, look for us. One of our team members is likely to be there.