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Recognizing that their email marketing efforts weren’t reaching key buying influencers with enough precision or frequency to drive additional sales, Standard Lifters asked Blue Flame Thinking for help building a more effective marketing strategy. To solve this challenge, the team created user personas, mapped the buyer’s journey, and designed monthly email marketing campaigns to educate customers and drive more sales.

We started with a discovery session to clearly define customer types and understand their challenges, goals, pain points, and routes to purchase. Then, we used those insights to build user personas and customer journey touchpoints for buyers of Standard Lifters products.

Buyer persona and customer journey examples

Starting with fresh branding elements that reflect Standard Lifters’ spirit of customer-centric innovation, we created new email and landing page designs in templated formats. These allowed users to learn more about the features and benefits of products. In addition, they provided multiple opportunities for further education and conversion.

After the design templates were built, a monthly email series was developed specifically for Standard Lifters’ two key audiences. We crafted messaging that was tailored to each one’s unique needs and then used A/B testing to better understand which content performed best.

Website illustration split with an A and B demonstrating AB optimization and testing

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