3 Questions with Copywriter Tiffany Kreh

Team BFT

Tiffany knows a thing or two about solving complex problems. Her brain is always buzzing to find the why behind the issue, which helps get to the root cause when puzzling through solutions.

In her tenure, she’s worked with a wide range of companies, including Liberty Mutual Insurance, Georgia Pacific, Spectrum Health (now Corewell Health), Gordon Food Service, Heartland Financial, and more.

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What is your favorite industry website?

AP Stylebook Online is my go-to resource. Curiosity gets the best of me, and I’ve been known to fall down a rabbit hole trying to learn more about usage and changes over the years. (For fun, check out the British Royal Family Topical Guide!)

For writers, changes to AP style can really make a impact in your work. This past spring I attended a webinar series from the AP, and it was genuinely fun to see behind the veil and watch the constant roundtable discussions that go into new entries in the Stylebook.

Inspiration can come unexpectedly. What have been your most unusual sources?

Music lyrics tend to show up in sly, offhand ways when I write. Not a direct copy and paste, but a riff works well now and then.

I’m one of those puzzlers who turns things over in my mind for a day or so. If I’m thinking about a problem (or a headline) before bed, inevitably I’ll snap awake to scribble an idea down right before I fall asleep. I’ve also had ideas bubble up in dreams. Good luck writing those down before they slip away!

You’re the office DJ for the day, what are you working to?

When I’m writing, I need concentration, so it’s usually strings like Piano Guys, Yo-Yo Ma, or Lindsey Stirling. But for Friday fun, it’s throwback 90s like Dr. Dre, Green Day, Eve 6, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox 20.

Thanks, Tiffany! We’re happy to have you and your positivity as part of our team!