Tiffany Kreh


Tiffany Kreh
Year at BFT

With over 15 years in marketing under her belt, Tiffany is well-versed in brand identity and strategy. Her love of words started at a very young age (there’s a VHS tape floating around with clips of her reading to her siblings and stuffed animals). She uses the joy of storytelling to translate client messaging into consumable information for the end user. In her happy place, you’ll find her in the woods, inhaling a book in a hammock.

“Empathy is the key to finding the right messaging for the audience.”

Fast Facts

  • Been known to read a book a day on vacation (suitcases were very heavy before e-readers)
  • Recent core memory was a trip through Italy, including an e-bike tour through the hills of Florence
  • Loves to cook without a recipe (which drives her sister nuts)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

625 Kenmoor Ave SE, Suite 301-3
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Chicago, Illinois

Remote offices in Chicago and suburbs


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