Other Voices: March 2, 2018

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In an industry that is heavily influenced by newsworthy and timely events, there’s always a lot to catch up on at the end of the week. Introducing BFT’s Other Voices, a feature that shares what you need to know now. Read below for more.

Billionaire CEO Sara Blakely Says These 7 Words Are the Best Career Advice She Ever Got

Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world, recently said that this simple, seven-word phrase constituted the best career advice she ever received: “What have I failed at this week?”

It may seem contrary to celebrate our failures in life and careers. However, when we embrace them, learn from them, use them as motivation and then take risks by doing something different—well, then, that turns them into the fuel for the success that follow. It also means we stop feeling like victims of circumstances, and start feeling like the empowered individuals we seek to be. It does feel very liberating and has put me further down the path to finding my better.

— Liz Le Sbertoli, Vice President, Client Services

10 New Principles Of Good Design

Design—specifically user experience design—is constantly evolving to better serve users’ ever-changing needs. With this constant evolution, best practices are learned, refined and deployed again. As technology expands its capabilities, extends its reach and wields its influence in every aspect of our lives, I feel it’s more important than ever to uphold the principles of good design set forth by legendary Braun designer Dieter Rams. Though many of his insights remain as intrinsic as ever, updating them based on two decades of design experience reinforces our need to remain grounded in our approach to delivering honest, authentic design solutions.

— Adam Rice, Design Team Lead

How to win travelers in the age of assistance

As the family trip planner, I dread the inevitable question, “Where are we going, Mom?” I’ll devote hours of aggravation to nailing down flights, booking hotels, and planning activities. Those are hours I will never get back! So, with all the data available on me today, why can’t the specifics of my trips just fall into place automatically? “Big data” knows which days and times we fly, which airport we use, what we like to do, how much we pack, and what we eat. In a world of personalized experiences, is receiving an individualized digital travel experience at minimum cost too much to ask? Maybe not.

— Susan Bray, Director of Strategy

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