Why You Need a Trusted Marketing Agency Partner in 2024

Trusted marketing agency partner

B2B marketing and lead generation have changed significantly in the last few years.


Regardless of the market or industry—the combination of labor shortages and smaller budgets means that you’re being tasked with driving awareness and organizational change with even fewer resources before.

Greater care and expertise are needed to avoid missed opportunities when budgets are cut and turnover is high. Marketing is tied closely with sales goals and is being asked to work harder with less.

At BFT, we specialize in working with organizations that realize they need to catch up or move forward quickly—either because of internal turnover, industry changes, market dynamics, technology opportunities, or timing and budget constraints.

The Process of Partnership at Blue Flame Thinking

Since 1965, we’ve helped hundreds of companies sell highly complex products to niche audiences within specialized industries. During that time, we’ve developed increasingly valuable partnerships with our clients as we help them understand how to take meaningful, iterative, and impactful steps forward with their marketing.

We don’t take these partnerships lightly. 

It’s not about helping clients sell skincare routines and fast fashion to teenagers.

We help:

  • Integrators sell complex automation systems to aerospace companies.
  • Firms with billions of assets under management navigate and aggregate data from third-party providers to keep their websites compliant.
  • Utility providers market rebates and electrification initiatives to small and global businesses that want to make a difference with their sustainability goals.
  • Startups and non-profits generate awareness and demand for new products and meaningful social services.
  • Consulting firms set up marketing automation to reach the right leads at the right time to grow their services.

We serve these clients with decades of agency-partner experience employing organizational empathy.

Characteristics of a Trusted Marketing Firm

We know what items are on your hate list when it comes to marketing:

  • Another marketing project to prioritize against the 20 already on your list
  • Another five-year “transformation plan”
  • A battle with the IT group to implement a solution that could have been done over the weekend
  • Another set of expenses to justify without metrics and results to share with your team and leadership.

A trusted marketing firm has legs. You want a marketing agency partner you can trust, not 15 different specialty agencies with non-stop turnover that you have to babysit and micro-manage.

A trusted marketing firm does what’s right for you. We take the time to understand your needs and your industry, brainstorm new ideas with you, and share the mental load that comes with the day-to-day tasks that keep getting added to your to-do list.

A trusted marketing firm pivots well for future needs. Your business may merge with another. You may add a new product or service that needs to go to market. We don’t know exactly what you’ll need tomorrow, or the best way to accomplish it—yet—we do know how to partner with you to figure it out and implement it.

And we know that if we do that right—in 39 years—you might beat our longest-tenured client.

But only if they fire us first.

Reach out to share your challenges and opportunities. We want to meet you.

What’s your marketing problem or question?

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