Brian Stier

Digital Marketing Specialist

2 Years at BFT

As digital presence and an authentic voice continue to be pillars of success, Brian enjoys taking on new challenges and scenarios. In his role at Blue Flame Thinking, he’s our go-to resource for analytics, SEO and social strategy. Throughout his career, Brian has exercised a growth hacking mentality to stretch his skills in ideation, strategy, infrastructure, design, marketing and outreach to create impact and community engagement. He’s also a teacher and loves the in-depth brainstorming sessions the vocation allows with diverse industry professionals. It all sums to a quiet confidence that he can raise the bar for our clients and our organization.

Typically, markets are saturated, so presentation and presence are critical in long-term marketing efforts.

Fast Facts

  • Would love to have a beer with John Carmack to learn where VR is headed.
  • Frequents YouTube, and SearchEngineLand to keep his game razor sharp.
  • Would love to see analytics for sites like Amazon and YouTube.
  • Music tastes run toward Polyphia, Tool, Rage and other 90s rock/metal, old school hip hop, chill and retrowave.
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