Chris Beaudoin

Senior Content Creator

Bio shot of Chris Beaudoin, Senior Content Creator with Blue Flame Thinking.
44 Years at BFT


Davey Silver Award, W3 Silver Award (3), Davey Gold Award, Web Marketing Association, Webby People’s Voice Nominee

The truth is Chris has been doing this for a while…and after some 30+ years, he’s just as enthusiastic about embracing new ways to express our manufacturing clients’ messages through their websites, brochures and ads. While he has worn other hats in this business, including those of a traveling photojournalist and account manager, for Chris, it’s all about diving into our clients’ technology, becoming completely immersed in how it works, why it was invented and how it can make the world a better place. Then, he writes about it.

The thing about writing—technical writing included—is that in the end, you get the immense pleasure of having your little experiments with refining words and phrases lead to something that can make a difference.

Fast Facts:

  • A resolute can-doer.
  • Unhealthy attraction to skiing way too fast.
  • May know as much about space travel as traveling through the Upper Peninsula.
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