Kayla Fournier

Senior Account Manager

kayla's headshot
2 Years at BFT

Kayla’s ethos is all about the decisive voyage from challenges to solutions that make a difference. That’s why she’s a huge admirer of businesses from West Michigan furniture manufacturers to women’s specialty clothing brands that launched with unique ideas and stayed out in front of ferocious competition. To propel the next generation of business innovators, Kayla loves to deliver communications tools that communicate USPs in a clear, concise way. To get them done, Kayla draws inspiration from friends, media and nature, and keeps her mind clear with sessions in the gym. She doesn’t stop until our clients win, a mentality she brings to each investment management, banking, manufacturing, and consulting firm she works with.

“People appreciate efficiency and transparency, especially when it involves something personal.”

Fast Facts

  • Has a keen sense of what a project will involve and ensures the right talent is on it.
  • Never loses sight of the way forward and strives to exceed client expectations.
  • Interested in home design and real estate, might even pursue a license.
  • “It shouldn’t even be an argument – pineapple is delicious on pizza.”
  • In the summer, she can be found on the golf course working on her game.