Laura Hill

Account Director

3 Years at BFT

There’s a story in every brand that can take it to better places, and Laura loves hunting it down and bringing it to light. She’ll look at any business objective from an outsider’s perspective and ask the questions that customers do, then craft them into marketing programs that speak authentically. With experience in dozens of industries like health care, architecture, engineering, and real estate, Laura knows the insights and the solutions are invariably within reach. She enjoys the challenge of connecting the dots and assembling the right mix of resources to deliver success in every unique marketing situation.

The more a business can connect with customers on a personal level throughout the journey, the more successful it will be.


Fast Facts

  • Alter ego: a professional driver on a closed course, tossing the “do not attempt” language to the wind.
  • Wildly eclectic music preferences, from Prince to Barenaked Ladies to INXS.
  • Inspiration, better defined as clarity, often strikes in the middle of the night.
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