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Child’s Play Video

Amway Child's Play Video Shoot by Blue Flame Thinking

The Power of Children

Amway wanted to create a video to address the common misconceptions related to their business model. The business model Amway has used over the decades is quite straightforward.

In fact, it’s so simple a child can explain it, so we suggested doing just that.

Real People, Real Products

After auditioning more than 100 children of Amway employees to ensure authenticity, the cameras rolled as the kids explained key points about the business model and the best ways of doing business in general. Interspersed with their answers were subtitles that gave the responses greater context for those adults looking to join Amway as affiliates.

Amway Child's Play Video Placement on Amway Answers Blog By Blue Flame Thinking

Multi-channel Usage

While the main product was a full-length video, care was taken to ensure smaller clips could be used to create content for its social channels and for its affiliates to use on theirs.

Amway Child's Play image of child saying Wow!
Amway Child's Play image of child saying Yaay!

Want More Answers?

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