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Brand Guidelines & Digital Standards

Advisor Group Branding Work Header by Blue Flame Thinking

For Advisor Group, we developed brand guidelines with a more personable approach to independent wealth management.

As one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the US, Advisor Group (AG) fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship and independence in its 7,000 advisors. AG approached Blue Flame Thinking to enhance and further refine its brand development strategy. They wanted to communicate a more genuine brand identity that would increase awareness of the company and both reflect and unify the four individual firms included under their umbrella. AG also wanted to create a set of standards that could be applied across their website through brand guidelines.

Relevancy in a Digital World

It’s essential that a website is a reflection of the brand’s true value and proposition. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Global mobile consumer survey: U.S. edition, The average user looks at their phone 52 times a day. The digital standards we developed through AG’s brand guidelines now accommodate multiple digital usages and allow for maximum flexibility and responsive elements.

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When using infographics and data that give a more modern, multidimensional and dynamic look, create illustrations with a thin stroke rather than as filled-in shapes.

Advisor Group Branding Infographic Style by Blue Flame Thinking


Intricate illustrations against the white space visually symbolize the attention to detail that AG emphasizes within its advisor network and clients.

Advisor Group Mountain Illustration by Blue Flame Thinking


AG uses a typeface combination of Open Sans and Electra LT Std. This creates an ownable blend of serifs and sans serif. These are to be used in alternating weights to convey the firm’s modern sensibility, while highlighting the compelling nature of the content, as well as to ensure legibility and flexibility across media.

Advisor Group Brand Typography by Blue Flame Thinking


The primary colors ensure visual consistency and give the AG brand a bold presence and identity. White is included because consistent use of color—and generous use of white space in all layouts—will help reinforce the brand guidelines.

Advisor Group Brand Colors by Blue Flame Thinking


Icons are used to quickly communicate concepts in cases where imagery is not possible or where speed in understanding or space restrictions need to be given higher priority. They are professional in style, yet provide a hint of humanity while offering medium detail. No solid fills are to be used in order to keep the icons looking clean and ensuring they will be easily read even on smaller screens.

Advisor Group Branding Iconography Style by Blue Flame Thinking


As the visual extension of AG’s brand logo, the image library is a deliberate blend of three photographic styles:
Environmental landscapes offer inspiration and encouragement to advisors and communicate that no matter how vast or rough the terrain seems, AG provides the reliable guidance and strength that will allow advisors to persevere.
Human interaction is more than a promise; it is a commitment for AG. As a firm that leads on a person-to-person basis, AG is equally committed to empowering advisors with the ability to do the same for their clients.
Architectural support defines the corporate structure and the well-crafted solutions provided through AG. This support is as intentionally engineered as it is sustainable, ensuring advisors can place their trust in AG regardless of ongoing shifts in the investment and regulatory climates.

Advisor Group Brand Photography by Blue Flame Thinking

Strength in Numbers

As a strong house of brands, AG brought us their challenge of developing brand guides that accurately defined their corporate brand and integrated their four distinct broker firm brands, each with their own identities and marketing needs. Through our discovery process, we worked together to uncover their unique attributes and create a solution that complements the corporate brand identity.

Advisor Group Brand Guideline Logos by Blue Flame Thinking