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Global Capabilities Brochure

JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Banner by Blue Flame Thinking

After a period of substantial growth and acquisition, JR Automation needed to shed light on its greatly expanded global capabilities and expertise in robotic manufacturing and robotic systems integration to capture a premier place in this new manufacturing landscape.

A world leader in intelligent automated manufacturing and distribution technology solutions, JR Automation invited Blue Flame Thinking to elevate its corporate capabilities brochure. The marketing brochure would need to illuminate JR Automation’s new corporate vision, greatly expanded global footprint, wide-ranging industry knowledge, technology platforms, advanced software and data integration solutions, and outstanding customer support.

Impact With Numbers

To compete on a global stage, JR Automation needed to ensure prospective customers quickly and easily understood its scale. We prominently displayed these key statistics in their marketing brochure, highlighting the company’s global reach.

Emphasizing a Growing Global Presence

New acquisitions put more JR Automation expertise anywhere its prospects are. We suggested strategically positioning this content near the front of their capabilities brochure to immediately capture the attention of manufacturers who value both a broad portfolio of expertise and vendor proximity.


JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Cover by Blue Flame thinking

Storytelling on Multiple Scales

The brochure design needed to deliver dense subject matter at consumable levels. Our content and design teams worked to strike a balance to create a visually impactful and informative layout. Infographics and callouts effectively summarize a lengthier narrative to give readers the right amount of information.

JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Spread One by Blue Flame Thinking
JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Spread Two by Blue Flame Thinking
JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Spread Three by Blue Flame Thinking

Global Leadership at a Glance

JR Automation’s global acquisitions have led to an impressive portfolio of industry and technology capabilities. We summarized them all in an information-rich double gatefold, which creates an indisputable, at-a-glance case for the company’s depth of experience.

240+ areas of technical expertise text
JR Automation Global Capabilities Brochure Gate Fold by Blue Flame Thinking

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