Gilda's Club Chicago

Paid Social Media Campaign

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Building on the successful results of the Gilda’s Club Chicago 2018 social media awareness campaign, we created a refreshed initiative with an increased budget and expanded goals. In the end, we were able to help achieve broader engagement for this important organization. 

Gilda’s Club Chicago is a well-regarded provider of vital, no-cost, emotional health support services to men, women, and children whose lives have been impacted by cancer. In 2019, Blue Flame Thinking partnered with them to once again broaden their social media reach and interaction with more people who could benefit from their services.  

A Lasting Partnership  

We’ve had the privilege of working with Gilda’s Club Chicago on several projects over the course of our marketing partnership. In the first quarter of 2018, Gilda’s Club Chicago asked us to create a social media campaign with the goal of increasing awareness and engagement, as well as clarifying misconceptions about their offerings.


We implemented a Facebook marketing campaign with messaging and creative approaches focused on genuine human interaction and expression. Using caring and thoughtful language, we were able to reinforce the emotional benefits that Gilda’s Club Chicago provides. 


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A Meaningful Update 

Building on the successful 2018 social media initiative, we developed a second campaign in 2019. Utilizing larger budget and targeted audience learnings from 2018, updated goals were set for building awareness, growing membership, and increasing online donationsTactics included video, carousel, and single-image ads, as well as the newly released Facebook and Instagram Story ads. Tracking through UTM parameters and on website landing pages was implemented, enabling us to continuously optimize the campaign as it was running. 

Creative assets were designed to emphasize the human elements of compassion, inclusion and caring that are at the heart of Gilda’s Club Chicago. Campaign messaging echoed the ideas of support and community and were tailored to drive an intended action (membership signups, donations). The creative was also optimized for mobile feeds for increased user engagement. 


Both social media campaigns resulted in increased awareness and memberships for this worthwhile organization. We’re proud to continue promoting the vital services they offer and highlight their achievements within the community. 

Combined Results

2019 Membership & Donation Results