TAG Advisors

New Website Redesign

As one of the largest member firms of Cambridge Investment Research, TAG Advisors has been on an impressive growth trajectory, actively onboarding several new advisory teams over the last few years. After realizing their existing website did not reflect their recent momentum, they started looking for a partner to enhance their digital presence in order to help attract more advisors.

TAG wanted to work with a firm that understood their audience. The branding and recruiting work we’ve done for other broker/dealers and advisory firms convinced them to select us. Through the use of personal quotes, firsthand experiences, engaging statements showcasing the collaborative relationship, and pertinent graphics that address advisor questions, we were able to help TAG demonstrate the attention and individualized approach they provide every advisor.

Recognizing the Journey to Transitions

We started by conducting a discovery session to pinpoint how TAG homes in on the pain points prospective advisory teams are experiencing and how they connect and communicate with these teams. We met with members of the TAG executive and operations teams and spent time listening to a select group of advisors discussing their journey to TAG and their subsequent experiences.


We understood that for TAG, it wasn’t about building a full recruiting site that told their whole story. Their intimate recruiting style pointed to the need for an online presence that, first, highlighted the journeys that transitioning advisors took to TAG. And second, it needed to deliver a positive narrative on their experiences once they joined, regardless of the length of their tenure with TAG.

Creating a Story About the Rewards for the Next Step

We quickly moved into shaping their story, focusing on the distinct way they help advisors considering a transition identify their reasons for doing so and articulating what they’re seeking in their next move. Capturing the right language and tone was key. On the creative side, we tapped a number of elements to highlight TAG’s personality. Advisor videos and quotes demonstrate the culture and relationship. Intriguing 50/50 story graphics throughout the site reinforce the respect and understanding TAG has for each team. Bold headlines quickly convey TAG’s approach to helping advisors be who they want to be.

Lead Generation and CRM Integration

In addition to the site’s validity role, we also set up TAG Advisors with a lead generation opportunity. The form with their “What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Next Broker-Dealer” download is integrated with their CRM so anyone requesting to download the guide can also be placed in a list as a lead for campaigns and additional marketing.

An On-Time, On-Target Site That is Generating Positive Feedback

Working against tight deadlines, we launched the site in time for the TAG Advisors annual meeting, where it was received very favorably.