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Website Redesign

Csenge website mobile and desktop layouts

As Csenge Advisory Group continued to expand their network of firms and clients, they wanted to update their story and visual approach. We worked closely with the firm to produce a website redesign strategy to reflect their goals while speaking to the needs of their target audiences.

Csenge wanted their refreshed website to better align with the needs of both their individual investor and financial advisor audiences. We introduced vibrant lifestyle imagery and new messaging elements to better connect with their needs and intuitive navigation features to enhance their experience. We also positioned Csenge to use site engagement metrics to further inform adjustments to the site, as the needs and desires of their audiences shift over time.

A Growth Mindset

When we engaged with Csenge Advisory Group, they were in a growth mode, increasing their network of advisory firms and clients. The firm wanted to update their site’s story and website visuals to better represent who they are now and their business goals as they move into the future. They needed a business website design that would appeal to both individuals and advisors, as well as provide advisors who may be looking to join them with relevant information, quickly and easily. Additionally, as Csenge adds more firms to their network, their site needed to be flexible, with a setup that could be easily used by other advisory firms as they came aboard, something crucial to the financial website design.

Website layouts to help with growth of firm

Modern Types of Visuals and Engaging Copy

The imagery selected for the website was an extension of the work that had been done for Csenge Advisory Group’s collateral. We took website design inspiration from the firm’s Florida location, and we used a color palette that’s both refreshing and familiar. Along with this palette and keeping in mind the importance of website visuals, we used a collection of imagery throughout the site that combined both sourced and original elements. The font used was based on the Csenge logotype, ensuring we carried the brand’s essence throughout.

The site’s copy was also updated to better align with the site’s refreshed look and tone. Building from the narrative developed in the collateral, we expanded Csenge Advisory Group’s brand story with engaging copy that was tied to the visuals. Quotes from key staff were also used in select locations to highlight the firm’s distinct culture, as a part of the web page redesign.

A Better Site Structure for a More Engaging Experience

One of the purposes of the site redesign was to showcase the firms under the Csenge Advisory Group umbrella, while also demonstrating the level of support any firms considering joining the group will receive. To accomplish this, one of our website engagement ideas included building a dedicated advisor section with relevant, easy-to-find information. Csenge also wanted the ability to add additional firms to their main site. So, we set up a multi-site environment to make this possible. In addition, we added a topical filtering feature to the blog section of the site so users can quickly find relevant thought pieces.

Csenge News & Insights web page
Increase engagement graphic

More Focused Website Measurement

As a part of our website redesign services, we added Google Tag Manager to the new site to enable more effective tracking, including insights on PDF views, contacts, CTA clicks and scrolling percentages. Csenge can use this information to optimize the site to meet user needs and provide a better experience, which is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your site.

First Year Results