Léon Sarfoh

Junior Web Designer

Léon Sarfoh

2 Years at BFT

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Léon realized early on the important role design plays in effective communication, and he hasn’t looked back. He brings a relentless curiosity to every project he’s involved in, staying on the cutting edge of design by studying both the fundamentals and the latest techniques and applying them to elevate the work he does. Whether he’s collaborating with our team on digital banner ads for a manufacturing client or calling the creative shots for his own gallery show, Léon is happiest when he’s creating.

It’s incredible what you can achieve when you enjoy doing it.

Fast Facts

  • Listens to Spotify EVERYDAY.
  • Has redesigned his personal website over 29 times (and counting).
  • Has Russian ancestors who fought in the Siege of Leningrad.