Rob Christensen

Senior Developer

11 Years at BFT


Addy Gold Award (2), W3 Silver Award (3), Davey Silver Award (2)

With more 13 years of experience in Web development, Rob finds there are often many technical solutions along the path to building a site. However the best one, coupled with killer creative, is a thing of true beauty. As a developer with a background in illustration and graphic design, Rob uses his personal blend of creativity and expertise to enhance user experiences through collaboration with the design team from the conceptual stage on.

Web Development is all about being creative, problem solving and thinking on your feet. There are often many solutions when it comes to building an experience, the right one combines a great user interface and meets the business needs of our clients.

Fast Facts:

  • Loves the outdoors.
  • Foodie at heart.
  • Honeymooned in Cinque Terre, Italy, quite possibly the most beautiful place on Earth.
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