Sydney Barcey

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Sydney Barcey

2 Years at BFT

Throughout her career, Sydney has appreciated the importance of following the data and working to understand what it reveals. As a member of the marketing team for a safety equipment and PPE manufacturer, she used her findings to optimize digital marketing efforts and generate leads. Before that, while working for a footwear manufacturer, she worked on PR events and seasonal launches, all with an eye toward strengthening the company’s presence at every turn. Now, she enjoys putting her skills to work to elevate our clients’ efforts and help them build their brands through meaningful, data-driven connections.

Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Your customers will be loyal to your brand if you portray it with honesty and integrity.

Fast Facts:

  • Finds inspiration in meeting new people.
  • Proud graduate of Calvin University.
  • Always looking for the next hat trick.