Tim Todish

Vice President, User Experience

Tim Todish, Digital Director of Blue Flame Thinking.

9 Years at BFT


Addy Gold Award (2), Davey Silver Award, W3 Silver Award (3), Davey Gold Award, Web Marketing Association, Webby People’s Voice Nominee

As the Vice President of User Experience, Tim is focused on refining digital processes and rolling out new organizational tools that improve user experiences for our clients and their customers—and us! Tim is a veteran of the digital industry, having worked in large organizations like Meijer and with several smaller agencies. He has experience building high-fidelity mobile prototypes for brands like Apple and Sony. He’s also done UX work on sales and training apps and for medical devices, including replacement knees and hips. Thanks to this wealth of experience and an innate sense of thoughtfulness and natural curiosity, he helps us navigate constantly shifting industry developments and priorities.

I’ve always enjoyed making things. After a couple “computer classes,” I discovered I enjoyed making geeky digital things, too!

Fast Facts:

  • Woodworker
  • Author
  • Wears his personal history on his sleeve…or rather under it in a tattoo narrative.